SFTP access is replaced by FTP


With our migration to the new platform SFTP uploads were replaced by regular FTP access.
Your FTP username is:
and your password remain the same like it was for SFTP.

For instance, if your username at Lightburner was
your new FTP username will be

Login and go to “Upload” page if you want to verify your FTP credentials.

Mail service outage


Due to our move to the new service infrastructure we have experienced email service outage for a couple days. I am sorry if you did not get distribution confirmation emails or other correspondence. Note that if you did not get your registration emails you can always retrieve your login info

The system’ emails are back now

Planned downtime


On Friday Nov-30 & Saturday Dec-1 Lightburner will be moving to the better and faster new servers. The service will be down for a few hours. I suggest holding your uploads until Sunday Dec-2.
Note that the delivery with ProStockMaster also won’t work during the Lightburner migration.

Lightburner hardware upgrade


During the next week I will move Lightburner service to a new faster server. I’ll try doing it with minimal downtime. Please note that possible Lightburner downtime will affect your PSM uploads. I apologise in advance for any inconvinence due to the possible service interrupt. If you have any concern regarding the upcoming upgrade please do not hesitate contacting me at support(at)pixamba(dot)com.

More microstock agencies added


Lightburner now allows you to sell your photos through the following microstock agencies:

Thus we are reaching 27 supported agencies, while covering all the major microstocks.

Vectors Uploads


We’ve started with the vectors uploads in the experimental mode.

At the moment you can upload vector graphic files to:

  • Shutterstock
  • DepositPhotos
  • 123rf
  • GraphicsLeftovers
  • Veer
  • Crestock
  • StockFresh
  • Pixmac
  • DepositPhotos
  • Zoonar
  • Dreamstime**

(**) – Dreamstime requires you to first upload a JPEG image of your vector artwork and then to add your original vector file. Lightburner will create and upload the JPEG for your EPS. Next, you will have to manually add your original EPS file to the uploaded JPEG on the DT web.

Files to be uploaded to Lightburner: EPS only.
Lightburner will automatically generate all the other needed files for each agency, compressing them into a ZIP archive if the agency requires so.

New registrations failed


I has encountered a software bug which was killing Lightburner’s new users registration process yesterday.
This bug was introduced yesterday morning. It happened due to very intensive work on adding vectors and footage uploads to LB.
The issue is already fixed and you are very welcome to register again.
Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Recent Lightburner upgrade


Update 4: Things should be back to order now. If you see anything wrong please let me know.


Update 3, Oct-15: Unfortunately we still experience distribution problems with some channels. We are looking into it right away. Files removals is switched off for now, so it is safe to upload media to be distributed.


Update 2: PSM should work now as well as SFTP uploads via third-party clients. Distribution should be OK too, but it’s better to test individual channels one by one with a single file before any mass-upload. Balance collection will follow.


UPDATE: I see that some people have started uploading ZIP files with vectors. Please do not do that until the system is ready, you just waste your time and  the system resources.


The site has been upgraded today.
At the moment I am still working on

  • distribution to various channels
  • balance collection from the agencies
  • PSM connectivity

Nevertheless, you can keep sending files to your Lightburner account with your SFTP client or via web. The files will be send out once I get the distribution back.


The new Lightburner.com infrastructure should help us in vectors and footage distribution.

If you experience any issues with your account please let me know.

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