No distribution bug fix


I have fixed an issue which caused the system not to read metadata from the newly uploaded images. This was inconsistent, and the issue appeared from time to time to the different customers.

The bug was introduced on December 17-th due to the move to the new platform infrastructure.

If in the last two weeks you got some undistributed images with no metadata the best fix would be simply re-uploading them (make sure you delete the old ones before).

Recent Lightburner upgrade


Update 4: Things should be back to order now. If you see anything wrong please let me know.


Update 3, Oct-15: Unfortunately we still experience distribution problems with some channels. We are looking into it right away. Files removals is switched off for now, so it is safe to upload media to be distributed.


Update 2: PSM should work now as well as SFTP uploads via third-party clients. Distribution should be OK too, but it’s better to test individual channels one by one with a single file before any mass-upload. Balance collection will follow.


UPDATE: I see that some people have started uploading ZIP files with vectors. Please do not do that until the system is ready, you just waste your time and  the system resources.


The site has been upgraded today.
At the moment I am still working on

  • distribution to various channels
  • balance collection from the agencies
  • PSM connectivity

Nevertheless, you can keep sending files to your Lightburner account with your SFTP client or via web. The files will be send out once I get the distribution back.


The new Lightburner.com infrastructure should help us in vectors and footage distribution.

If you experience any issues with your account please let me know.

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