Frequently Asked Questions

How the Free Trial works?

All our subscriptions offer risk-free 30 days free trial period. You only need a PayPal account to start your trial. You won’t be charged during the trial period and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Do you guys get any cut of my sales / commissions if I upload media with LightBurner?

No we do not.


What is the best way to upload my files?

Get ProStockMaster, our certified desktop application for Mac and Windows. ProStockMaster helps you to add metadata directly into the files on your home computer, than upload these files to your Lightburner account for their distribution.

Alternatively, you can get FileZilla or any other FTP client and upload to via FTP. Look at Upload page when you are logged in for your FTP credentials. If you need to upload just a couple of files uploading through the web would be an easy alternative – this option exists on the Upload page.


What stock agencies are supported?

Currently we distribute content to:

  • 123rf
  • Alamy
  • BigStock
  • CanStockPhoto
  • Clipdealer
  • Crestock
  • Cutcaster
  • DepositPhotos
  • Dreamstime
  • FeaturePics
  • Fotolia
  • GraphicLeftovers
  • iStockphoto
  • MostPhotos
  • PantherMedia
  • Photaki
  • Pixmac
  • Shutterstock
  • StockFresh
  • StockFuel
  • Veer
  • VivoZoom
  • YayMicro
  • Zoonar
  • Photokore
  • Glow Images
  • Pocketstock

You also can define your own FTP custom channels – any FTP-capable stock agency or any other web resource where you want us to deliver your media.

We integrate more channels frequently. Login and click on ‘Channels’ list in the top right corner of the page to see the most updated list of supported photo sales channels.


How the distribution works? I can not see any “DISTRIBUTE” button in my account!

Media distribution is fully automated. Once you assign your media to a distribution channel our system will do the actual distribution. You do not have to press any button or to wait for the beginning or for the end of the distribution.

Furthermore, you can set up each channel for auto-distribution (use “Channels” dialog). If you do so every newly uploaded image will be distributed there.


How long does it take for the distribution?

At the moment the distribution is granted to start withing 15 min after your upload. The total time depends on how many files you have uploaded to Lightburner and to how many microstocks they should go. For the small bulks the distribution can take just a couple of minutes.

Typically, all your images will be distributed in less than 1 hour after their upload.


Why my images are not distributed?

There are several reasons why your images could be not selected for the distibution.


1. Images with no title, no description or no keywords won’t be distributed. The logic behind that is simple: you do not want to send your images to 5 agencies and than go to five different microstocks adding the same titles and keywords over and over. Add metadata with your Lightburner account, or even before you are uploading to Lightburner – using ProStockMaster on your home computer.


2. Your images must be assigned to your channels in order to be distributed. There are two options how to assign them.


Option A: Manually

a) login into you Lightburner account

b) select images you want to assign / distribute using bottom-left checkbox on their thumbnails.

c) hit “Assign” link on the top of “Portfolio” page

d) select your distribution channels and hit “Apply” button.


Option B: Automatically

a) login to your Lightburner account

b) open Channels setting ( MY Account -> Channels)

c) select a channel and check “Automatically submit all new uploads” button


e) hit “Save” button

f) repeat for all your channels


Where is my data stored? Is my data secure with LightBurner?

LightBurner is a cloud-computing system utilizing Amazon Web Services™. All data is stored at Amazon Data Centers in the USA and is physically and electronically secured by Amazon. Read more about Amazon Security Policy. All LightBurner accounts include industry-strength 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your sensitive data safe and secure. All sensitive areas in your account, like Login, SignUp, My Account and other personal pages are accessed only by HTTPS with 256-bit SSL encryption.


What media formats can be uploaded?

Photos should be uploaded in JPEG format (RGB). Vectors should be uploaded in EPS (without any raster images).
Other media formats are not supported yet.


What is a distribution channel?

Distribution or sales channel is simply a third party web site selected by you as a destination for your media. It can be a microstock photography site like iStockphoto, a traditional stock photography agency like Alamy or simply your blog’ FTP server, if you define it as a Custom Channel. Many sales channels are already integrated with LightBurner, and you can define your own channels providing their FTP credentials.


How do I get paid if I sign up with Lightburner?

You won’t be paid by us. It’s a misunderstanding.
We do not sell your images. We simply deliver them to the multiple online sale stores – the microstock and the traditional stock photography agencies.
So these are the stock photography agencies who pay you your commissions according to the agreements you have with them.


I forgot my member name / password! What I do now?

It’s easy. Retrieve it here.


Something went wrong during my signup and I did not complete the registration. It looks like PayPal did not work. How I can sort it out?

Please visit this page and create a PayPal subscription. All options there include a 30 days free trial.

Next drop us a message to support(at)pixamba(dot)com and we will associate your PayPal subscription with your Lightburner account so you will be good to go.


How I can cancel my account?

Please contact us and we’ll assist you.

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