If your Lightburner’ registration fails due to various PayPal subscription issues…

Please select a desired subscription and hit “Subscribe” button.
Next, complete the PayPal registration process and ldrop us a message at support(at)pixamba(dot)com.
We’ll do the rest associating your PayPal subscription with your Lightburner account.

All subscriptions come with free 30 days trial, do not quit while subscribing!


Lightburner Subscriptions with 30 days free trial

Unlimited incoming traffic with all subscriptions

Bronze: 1 GB storage, 1 GB/m outgoing traffic

Silver: 5 GB storage, 3 GB/m outgoing traffic

Gold: 15 GB storage, 10 GB/m outgoing traffic

NEW! Platinum 50% off list price!: 50 GB storage, 50 GB/m outgoing traffic

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