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How To Start Selling Photos And Vectors Online With Lightburner

1. Register For Free Account And Login. Next, Define Your Sales Channels.

Once logged in, go to My Account -> Channels and select the Stock Agencies you are willing to work with.

User “Register Now!” button to register with the selected agency or provide your FTP user credentials if you are already registered there.

If you did not find an agency you work with in the channels list you can easily add your own channel by hitting “New” button at the bottom of the dialog.




If you want all images you are uploading to Lightburner to go to this agency select “Automatically submit all new uploads” button.


It is a highly recommended step if you want to automate your workflow.

If you do it for all your channels you can simply upload images to your Lightburner account with ProStockMaster or a FTP client. The uploaded images will be automatically distributed to the agencies of your choice.


If you decide not to use “auto-submit” you will have to assign your images to your channels manually within your Lightburner account, each time you upload a new bulk of images.

NOTE: images with no title, no description or no keywords won’t be distributed, neither in auto-submit not in  the manual mode!

If you are using auto-submit make sure your images carry their metadata. ProStockMaster can help you in this.


2. Upload Your Images

Get ProStockMaster  – our free certified desktop app for Mac and Windows which helps you to properly add metadata to your images and upload them to Lightburner. Alternatively, you can get any FTP client (e.g. FileZilla) and upload to Lightburner via FTP. Note your FTP credentials you received in the Welcome email. The same information also appears on the Upload page when you are logged in.


3. If You Have Selected Manual Distribution, Manually Assign Images To The Channels

Note that you will have doing it for any newly uploaded image, otherwise it won’t be distributed anywhere!

First, select the images you want to assign by hitting bottom-left checkbox on their thumbnails. Next, click on “Assign” link at the top of the “Portfolio” page and select where these images go:

Assign stock photos to the sales channels

Hit “Apply” button and you are done. The distribution starts automatically!

For some sales channels you will have to complete your submission through their web site. For others the uploaded media goes directly to the approval queue.

Do not forget to add metadata to your stock photos before you assign them to sales channels. If you have already added title, description and keywords in Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe Lightroom™ or in a similar tool capable of writing IPTC data in JPEGs, our system will automatically read it – you do not have to do a thing. If you do not – convenient tools integrated with your LightBurner account will help you in finding the right keywords, and even will translate them from tens of different languages.

Edit IPTC metadata

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